My name is Julia, I’m in the eighth grade, and I’ve been apart of the Garner yearbook staff for about 2 years. I choose to join yearbook because I loved to take photos and write, so I thought it would be a good class for me to join, and I was right. Being in yearbook has truly been one of the best experiences and has actually thought me a lot. Other than yearbook I like to listen to music, and look at clothes that I want but will probably never get. I listen to a lot of what could be considered “Sad Boii” music just because it really do be that way sometimes.


Hello, my name is Jude. I like to do many things including, soccer, fishing, fly fishing, fly tying, and building things. I have recently finished an airplane, well a remote control one. Fishing and fly fishing represent me because I love the water and fish. I tie flies which is more of an art to me then just making something that catches fish. I have been playing soccer since I was 3 and I still am. There were some of the things I love and what represents me.


Hi, my name is Hayven W. I was born in Sugar Land TX. I am twelve years old. I am about to be thirteen on October 22. My dad passed away leaving behind eight kids. So, I have eight siblings on my dads side. I have one sister on my moms side named Kennedy. My grandfather recently passed away. I have twin first cousins and they were born two days ago; their names are Landon and London (boys and girls). I lived in Houston TX before I moved to San Antonio. My favorite color is blue and I love noodles. I do not like noodles. Those are some facts about me, I hope you enjoyed.


My name is Leland. I came from Kruger in the KSAT program. I’m currently 12 years old and live in a house of 4, including me. I have one brother with the name of John but I call him Jr. I spend most of my time sleeping or playing games.


Hello, my name is Magdalena and I’m in the 8th grade. I am 14 years old. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. My favorite color is maroon. I have a younger sister who is in the 7th grade and her name is Rosa. I also have a older brother who goes to SAC (San Antonio College). His name is Juan. I also have a sister in law who is also in college and her name is Beatriz. I live with both my parents and they have been married for 22 years now. I am very shy, that is why I decided to join yearbook; so I have a way put myself out there and do more things out of my comfort zone. I like to try new things, that is also why I decided to do Yearbook. I’m a Christian and I have been so I don’t celebrate Christmas with presents or Easter with eggs, or any of that stuff. I have 4 dogs one girl and 3 boys. 


This is a whole paragraph talking about me so this is going to be the best thing you will ever read. So I Jocelyn, I am part of a family of 4. Me, my brother, my mother, and my father. I was born March 21, 2005 at 11:35 am in San Antonio, Texas. I am in love with music; I can’t live without music. On a regular bases I hangout at Maggie’s house. I dance very wildly to random music. I have 5 main friends Ace, Maggie, Madison, Izzy, and Rachel. I love all of them. I’m in love with Starbucks, Target, Walmart, Hot Topics, and Claire’s. So that is me.


Hi, my name is Olivia K, I’m 13 years old, in the 8th grade, and my birthday is July 8th. I enjoy drawing, reading, animals, and anime. I live with my mom and my 2 dogs. My favorite animals are polar bears. My favorite colors are lavender and lilac. My favorite food is shrimp. I am near sighted, so I can only see things if they’re really close to me. My favorite subject is art.


My name is Madison. I was born on July 13, 2004. I live with my grandparents because my birth parents are not ok. My favorite food on the entire planet is Little Caesar’s pizza and HEB sushi.


About me 🙂

Hi my name is Ellie. I don’t really know what to say about myself. So I’m gonna talk about random things about myself. I’m really funny, well I think I am. I’m sweet and nice and always try and be there for others. I’m short and all my besties are taller than me. Yo but its all good because I kinda like being short. I only have a few friends. I wish I had more, but it’s nice to have a few real friends then it is to have tons of fake ones.


I am a 7th grader and I go to Garner middle school in San Antonio, TX. I love football and basketball very much; those are my two hobbies that I like to do in my free time. I am 13. I can get mad sometimes. That’s when you or someone gets me mad like when they keep messing with me and talking mess about me this and that it gets me mad, and i go off on them. I have a short temper like my dad because my dad has a short temper. I think I might have got it from him. It could be possible. I’m a fashion boy; I like wearing nice cloths nice shoes. I wear jewelry, hats, etc. My uncle says, “I’m like a girl” (lol). I always tell him no because I know I like dressing nice and everything. But, at the same time I’m kind of like a man because I work out a lot and go to the gym. I play with the adults when we go play basketball at LBJ which stands for Lady Bird Johnson Park.


Hey! My name is Carolynne. I am 12 years old and in 7th grade at GMS. I have two siblings and I am the youngest out of them. I like criminal justice and photography. My favorite core subject is English. My other favorite subject is yearbook. I enjoy doing nothing and listening to music. In my free time I like going on my phone. My favorite color is pastel blue. I love dogs.


Hi! my is Zachary. I am in eighth grade. I play football I am one A team. It’s fun to do especially when we do good plays, especially when we make a touchdown. I have two sisters and two dogs. I love to play sports. I like basketball, football a little bit of baseball. I like football way more than basketball. I like to have fun, like going to Six Flags, Sea World and other fun places. I like that my sister can drive now because we go places. It also can help my mom out because when she needs something from the store she can ask her if she can go and get it.

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