N.E.I.S.D Pink Day

By: Hannah. G

Friday, October 9, 2015 will be N.E.I.S.D’s pink day, which is when schools in the N.E.I.S.D district will wear a pink shirt and jeans to support breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer has actually decreased in the past decade in the USA, but in other places it has increased.  Fewer women have died due to breast cancer, but the amount of people diagnosed with breast cancer has risen. Male breast cancer has lower rates than the women, but the deaths are just as fatal.

North America has the highest incidence for breast cancer. The more industrialized the country, the more incidence’s it has then non-industrialized countries. Immigrants mimic their home country origins for breast cancer health and awareness, but after several generations in an industrialized country, it increases their breast cancer statistics.

Women all over the globe have suffered from breast cancer that could have been passed on genetically. What can people do to help women with this cancer? Currently scientist all over the world are trying to create a pure antidote that will be swiftly, non-painfully, and very reliable to cure the cancer patient. For now we all need to support the cancer patients by wearing pink on Friday, October 9, 2015. Will you step up and support breast cancer awareness?

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