Vacations During the Hoildays

What does your family do on holidays? There are many ways to spend holidays like Chrismas. For example, going to a family members house. You can also go somewhere like Universal Studios.

Going to a family member’s house is fun because you can see family an they can watch you flip out with joy when you get a cool present. Plus, you can thank your aunt or uncle for getting you the gift.

Going to an amusment is also fun because you will enjoy all the fun rides aand get cool souvenirs. A goo place to visit, in my opinion, is Universal Studios. If you have been to Disney land then you know what it looks like and Universal Studios is pretty much the same. What will you do for the holidays?

” We always go to France for Thanksgiving,” says Jasmine Ignacz, 8th grade.

“For thanksgiving i’m going to do collage homework,” says Mrs. Flores, the librarian.


It’s getting close to Halloween everyone! Better start shopping for candy, decorations, and Halloween costumes. There are all kinds of costumes from ghouls to army soldiers.

Costumes are great and fun. The best place to get one is the Spirit Halloween store. They have lots of different choices to choose from.

Halloween is a great holiday but it’s not a holiday you get no school on. That really stinks. Halloween isn’t like other holidays because relatives don’t visit. On the bright side , though, you get a lot of candy.

What will you wear on Halloween?

“It’s a day to be different.” says Mrs. Garza, Mrs. Rogers Science helper.

“It’s fun to be someone else for a night,” says Mrs. Zamaripa, Reading teacher.