Black Rhinos: Endangered Species


When you hear the word “endangered,” you get sad or feel bad. People hunt animals for amusement, skin, and body parts. Organizations such as WWF, and WCS save animals against human threat. The numbers are scarce even for the dangerous species from tigers to whales. Rhinos are hunted for their horns or their skin. Rhinos are being put in a special facility to protect them against hunters.

“I think of something that’s in danger or just danger,” says Adam Eleno (8) when asked about what he thinks when he thinks when he hears the word “endangered.”

When asked about endangered rhinos, he said, “I feel bad that it’s not their fault that they are endangered, it’s the humans fault.”

He went on to say,” I would put all the rhinos in one place and have them repopulate to a descent number and then let them free.” So by far, everyone really cares about endangered species. Even if students can’t make a difference they support the foundations that help animals.

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One thought on “Black Rhinos: Endangered Species

  1. why do people hunt rinos for ivory? there are easier ways to produce animal by-products. why are hunters so mean to the black Rhino?

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