Do You Like Reading Class?

“Yes, I love reading class, because I love to read!” exclaimed Chynna Juarez (6).  Maybe some students like reading class, because of either their teachers, or they love to read. Not everyone likes the reading subject though. “I don’t really like reading because it’s boring” mumbled Victoria Rios (6)    According to our survey 47% of sixth graders […]

Pac-Man is old? What?!”

By: Juan Vargas (7th) Most people like Pac-man. It’s been addicting to people since it came out in 1980. Many people say Pac-man is fun because you get to go around eating little monsters. Some people just like old school games. Through the years, Pac-Man’s developers have been making different versions of the game, for example, you can now play Pac-Man […]

Boys In Volleyball?

By Alexis Brock Wouldn’t a perfect world be if boys and girls could unite and work together? Well, at Garner they don’t get the chance because boys are not allowed to play volleyball on our girls’ team. This rule seems pretty weird since girls are allowed to play football, but not everyone thinks it’s weird. […]